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What is a Self-Bunded Tank?

A self-bunded tank consists of two containers that vary in size. The smaller of the two tanks holds the fuel and is housed within the larger one, allowing for a protective layer that eliminates the risk of spillage. This is also known as a double-walled tank with an internal spill containment area.

As you can imagine, this has several benefits, including:

• Avoiding unplanned pollution.
• Preventing environmentally damaging leaks.
• Ensuring that tanks are compliant with industry regulations.

Fuel Tanks for Sale

WA Refuelling stocks an impressive range of fuel tanks that vary tremendously in size, capacity and application, all of which are fully self-bunded. None of our products require an external concrete foundation, as they already stand on their own. This dramatically reduces construction time by avoiding rehabilitated foundations or having to build concrete bund walls yourself.

All of our tanks, no matter which size, can be moved very easily with a forklift, side lifter or crane, placing it close to operational areas, with the added ability to be moved as work progresses. The fact that they’re both stackable and modular means they can be interconnected to give your desired capacity.

Diesel Tanks in Perth

As mentioned, WA Refuelling’s tanks can be used to store and feed more than one type of liquid. However, when it comes to diesel, our tanks couldn’t be better suited for the storage and transport of the material that keeps an entire industry’s machinery running.

Waste Oil Storage

As with our fuel storage products, our waste oil tanks have been developed specifically for the environmentally-friendly housing of waste oils and materials. All our tanks are constructed out of the highest quality Australian steel, and comply with AS-1692, AS-1940 and AS-1554.

Industrial Fuel Tanks

Manufactured to a recognised standard, our industrial fuel tanks are designed to accommodate bulk oil and fuel storage applications. Please have a look at our FES Bloc and Grande Tanks that can hold 1000 Litres.

Rent to Buy

If you’re looking to buy a fuel tank on finance, WA Refuelling offers a rent-to-buy option that has your best interest in mind. Find out more about this service directly from a friendly staff member on 08 9359 1988 or click here.

Get in Touch

Whether you’re looking to store and handle fuel, waste oil or flammable liquids, WA Refuelling’s self-bunded tanks can be used for a variety of applications. Combined with our service and maintenance programs, we’re setting the standard for premium quality, total refuelling solutions in Western Australia. Find out more today by leaving us a message.